Europe 2007

In the summer of 2007 I went on a West Coast Connection Teen Tour throughout Europe. There were about 35 high school kids on the trip all of which nobody really knew each other! I just got dropped off at JFK airport and went from there! This is an outline of the trip and some of the highlights from it.

London’s Theatre Night
Three exciting dance clubs
French & Adriatic Riviera
Authentic Italian Cooking School
Cruise down the Seine
Swim the grottos at Capri
Ski or Snowboard Swiss Alps
Whitewater Raft Isère River
Venice Gondola Ride
Eiffel Tower & Arc de Triomphe
Rodin Museum – The Thinker
Café life on Champs Élysées
Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral
Mona Lisa – the Louvre
Amsterdam Comedy Club
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Colosseum, Pantheon & The Forum and Vatican City
Roman Toga Party
Ruins of Pompeii
Disneyland Paris
Anne Frank House & Van Gogh Museum
Buckingham Palace
Madame Tussaud’s and Original Hard Rock Café
Banana boat through Mediterranean Sea


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