Semester At Sea Maymester 2011 May 15-June15 2011

Trinidad and Tobago
Costa Rica

Highlights of the trip:

Shopped in world renown markets and swam in Maracas Bay in Trinidad and Tobago
Went to a lecture about sustainability at University of Panama in Panama
Surfed in Costa Rica
Went to a Honduran Telecommunications center in Honduras
Cliff jumping in Guatemala
Played soccer with elementary school kids in Guatemala
Snorkeled and went cave tubing in Belize

I met amazing people from all over the country on this trip! My professors are still people I keep in touch with. This experience was amazing, being on a ship with 350 other college students is a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Later in the year:

China and Macau

Shang Hai
Hong Kong

Hightlights from this trip:

Shopped in the markets of Beijing
Hiked the Great Wall
Went clubbing and Shang Hai
Experienced Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong
Won $50 in The Venitian in Macau

Later in the year:

Over New Years and my birthday I traveled around Spain and visited Morocco for a day!

Madrid for New Years
Costa Del Sol
Barcelona for my birthday

Highlights from the trip:

A camel bit me in Morocco!
Experienced Sol in Madrid-eating 12 grapes leading down to New Years (a Spanish tradition)
Went to Apollo in Barcelona
Visited the La Sagrada Familia
Went to a Seville vs. Valencia Futbol match in Valencia
Traveled with my Big in Delta Zeta


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