SAS S12 The Beginning and Roseau, Dominica

A lot has happened within the past two weeks. I have gone from Arizona, to Florida, and then to the Nassau in the Bahamas to board the MV Explorer. The Spring 2012 Voyage of Semester at Sea (SAS) debarked from Nassau, Bahamas on January 21 two days late due to some students having problems with their visas. Due to the skills of our captain, we were able to arrive at our first destination Roseau, Dominica as originally scheduled. I have been able to meet students from all over the world, got acquainted with ship-life, and explored the island of Dominica. Dominica is a beautiful island that had some of the most genuine people I have ever met. I explored the downtown area of Roseau, snorkeled at the Champagne Reef, swam at Middleham Falls, the Emerald Pool, and The Gorge (a river where parts Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed). At night almost of the students went out to Crazy Coconut. There we all met locals and were introduced to Dominican nightlife. I am back on the ship now currently sailing down the Amazon to Manaus, Brazil! We will arrive in port on January 31, 2012!



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