Viviendo la vida en Argentina!!!

My first day in Argentina has been a lot of fun! It started off with a few bumps but has been incredible. My flight landed last night around 9:30pm after circling above the city for about a half hour due to thunder. When we landed, we couldn’t get off of the plane because the walk way died and couldn’t lift to the plane doors. That took about an hour. Thinking it couldn’t get any worse, all of our luggage was “trapped” on the plane. The airline wouldn’t allow workers to bus the bags from the plane to the baggage claim. After about two hours the bags finally came. Then I had to figure out how I was supposed to get to my hostel. At this point it was around midnight and pouring rain but I finally got a cab…soon to realize that he didn’t speak any English. I kept on pointing to the address to the hostel that I had written down just to make sure he understood. The third time I asked him (about 20 minutes into the drive) he said no. Let the freaking out begin. It all ended up okay but I was getting nervous.

After that I got to the hostel. At first I couldn’t find it because it is on the 6th floor of a walk up building that has an elevator in it that I couldn’t really figure out how to use (don’t worry I eventually figured it out). Then I got in and was told to go into the empty bed of a 6 person room… well, long story short I got a tap on my arm to a girl that was confused why I was sleeping in her bed…. I thought it was the open bed. She was really cool though, I moved and we laughed about it this morning.

I got up and went to breakfast where I met an American, two Germans and a Brit. They all planned to walk around the city, visiting a Japanese garden, a cemetery and eat authentic Argentinian pizza! So I tagged along with them and had a great time. After we ate I decided to separate and do some exploring on my own. I walked through downtown where I got caught in the middle of a political protest. It was really cool but I couldn’t figure out what was going on.. there were cars with huge horns all over them and kids with loud drums. I was walking back toward the hostel and I asked this girl if she spoke English. Turns out she went to college in NYC and we walked down one of the main roads talking about how she wants to move back to the US. After that I came back to the hostel, where I am at now, to chill before the night begins. There will be a BBQ and Tango show at the hostel! Pretty much everyone who is staying here will be going, it should be fun!

I am flying out of Buenos Aires tomorrow and heading down to Ushuaia!




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