The first thing that I will mention about Moscow is that we were immediately reminded that Russia was NOT communist, it was socialist. That is how the tone of the rest of the guided tours were. Our first day we went on a driving tour and saw that sights that made Moscow and St. Petersburg VERY different. First off, Moscow’s architecture is completely different from St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg looks very European – just as much as any other European city. Moscow wasn’t like that at all. It was very strict, harsh and bland. The only difference was Red Square right in the middle of the city. Right next to square, gray and old buildings was this phenomenal fortress with colorful domes poking out at the top. The whole area around the city center was full of beautifully decorated domes – especially golden domes. The first night out, we went to the Nutcracker ballet! It was spectacular, the worst part was that the theater we were in didn’t have air conditioner so almost everyone was sweating AND the little hand fans they were selling were giving everyone splinters! After the ballet we headed out to a few bars before going to the Ritz-Carlton that was overlooking Red Square. It was (hands-down) one of the best views I’ve ever seen. The following day we took a tour through the Metro System, something I advise EVERYONE to do while in Moscow. It is one of the most decorated and probably the most beautiful metro systems in the world. Every station is different, complete with chandeliers and all! That night, we went to the circus – a highlight of the trip. Although we didn’t see THE Moscow Circus, the one we went to was great. There were clowns, funny mirrors, animals and muscle men! We then headed to the Disney-like park that was near our hotel to hangout. Since it was at night, the mini St. Basil’s Cathedral that was there, lit up the sky!


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