Stockholm was not what I expected at all. It was a beautiful city, but much like Berlin, there were cranes all over the city which really took away from the natural beauty of the city! Our first stop was the City Hall which was neat! One of the rooms was full of golden mosaics. On one of the walls, the artists messed up so the heads of two warriors were cut off. It’s an interesting story though, the artists, after they realized their mistake, figured it would work out because the story is that those warriors were beheaded! Stockholm was pretty difficult to get around since it’s all on water. We bought a hop-on hop-off boat to get around. It was a great way to see the city at a decent price. Also, Tivoli (same park at in Copenhagen) was right on the water – part of the skyline! I didn’t go into Tivoli in Stockholm, but some of the girls on my trip did, and Jason DeRulo was playing there! He is a Top 40 artist is you don’t know who he is. I would highly recommend going to Scanson too! It is a park that has a lot of different animals, activities and food! We went there for the midsummers day festival, we made flower halos, which is a very traditional thing to do! We also saw wolverines and bears. It was a fun area to walk around. The nightlife was great! Most of the clubs were outside, so all of the pictures I have of us going out it looks like it is like 8pm instead of 2am!