Berlin is a beautiful city! The city is completely different from the conservative ways of Munich.
Today has been pretty tame. I was on the Bahn for about six and a half hours combined with getting an hour or two of sleep last night, I decided to head in early tonight. For those of you that personally know me, shocker I know! Not to disappoint, when I got to the hostel, I went upstairs to the Sky bar! It is a really neat bar on the seventh floor with a great view of the city. While I was about to get a drink, a girl walks up to me and she looks very familiar. Then, I turn away and she yells my name! It was a girl that I shared rooms with in Munich! We ended up drinking together and met a group of English guys that were here for a Bachelor party! They were very fun, asking us what we thought about the English without anyone getting mad. Jen, the girl I met in Munich, was like well, I think English are assholes and they always argue. I’ve never seen a group of middle age men die of laughter! Then they bought us drinks, so it was a good conversation! Then they went off to dinner and we met some guys from Ohio. Two of them were still in college. They started telling us how they don’t understand what is it like to travel. The funniest story was that the three of them were in Amsterdam and got very drunk the night before they were supped to fly to Munich. One of them went up to use the bathroom and accidentally went into a different room and passed out in the identical bed! The two other guys looked for “20 minutes” literally 20 minutes, and then left him to catch their flight! They eventually met up in Munich! Unreal. Then we started talking to a Australian and Canadian who loved Eastern Europe and they gave us multiple tips on where to go and what to do!