Frankfurt, Germany

I’m currently in Germany right now, landed yesterday in Frankfurt! This city is beautiful, pretty much your typical European city.

I’ve had a few bumps along the way to get here starting with my flights! My flight was supposed to leave out of Phoenix at 10am on June 9th to LA. Well, last minute that flight got delayed until 6pm which meant I would miss my connecting flight. After a lot of stress, my flight finally got switched so I would fly through Philly to Frankfurt. While I got to Philly fine, my flight to Frankfurt was delayed about four hours.

So fast forward to me arriving yesterday. I got to Frankfurt safe and sound, but my luggage didn’t. It is now June 11th at 7:30pm and my bag is still not here! On top of that, the airlines don’t know where my bag is and I leave for Munich tomorrow! Let’s hope my bag makes it here tonight!!!





My bag arrived yesterday night! Now I’m eating breakfast before heading to Munich!