Even though Singapore was only a day, it was by far one of my favorite ports. Right when we stepped off of the ship, my friend Jie from Maymester 2011 met us right when we got off the ship. It was so nice to see a familiar face outside of the voyage. Also, she was with Stephanie – a TA from Maymester. So it was pretty much a whole Maymester reminiscing session for the first few hours because Kendra made it four of us. The only one who wasn’t an alum was Colleen. Anyways the first place we went was the botanical gardens. This is what Singapore is especially known for. The gardens were beautifully clean and lush. We walked through it (even though it was scorching hot) and ended up at this cute little restaurant and sat down for a traditional/Singaporean brunch. The restaurant had a very cool concept; reuse everything that you can. The lamp shades were coffee tins and the tables were wood that couldn’t be used for any manufacturing purpose. The food was delicious as well. After eating we went in a cab and headed to THE hotel of Singapore. It is known worldwide for having an infinity pool on the roof – one of the highest buildings in Singapore. It looks like it is three separate buildings connected by a huge boat-like structure on top of it with a large infinity pool and a bar. Anyways we go up to the top to have a few drinks and just hangout at the top starting into the skyline of Singapore. The hotel was very strict, if you weren’t a guest at the hotel, you could NOT get into the pool. After heading down, we get in a cab and head to market to eat. The market was every type of food in the world – literally – under one roof. We all gave Jie some money and she walked around and got us a bunch of different foods. We ate for about two hours and headed to a outdoor shopping area and just walked around and saw Arab Street. Arab Street is where all of the Turkish and Moroccan type things can be bought. There were hookah bars and cloth for sale. It was all placed in front of a beautiful mosque right at the end of the street. We then went to another roof top hotel for drinks to say goodbye to Jie and then headed back to the ship.

Singapore is beautiful, it is right in the heart of Asia when it comes to traveling. We were 30 minutes away from Malaysia and about a 4 hour flight away from Australia. There is so much to do in Singapore and it is one of three only city-countries in the world. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back.